Email Marketing

Email can build relationships and drive sales. A necessity today, email marketing is an easy and economical way to keep in touch directly with customers and prospects.

Email marketing services

  • Regular newsletters with relevant content in full color HTML or text-only
  • Single-purpose email blasts to promote time-sensitive events and sales
  • Online surveys
  • Email list building
  • Integration with your social media campaigns.

No spam

Permission-based email marketing improves results and enables you to target your marketing messages to the audience’s needs and wants.

Constant Contact Business Partner


As a Constant Contact Business Partner, I’ll manage the entire process from writing copy to managing your email list. Or I’ll do the set-up and train you to do your own email newsletter using Constant Contact.

Your email marketing may also be conducted from other platforms, including your social media, website, or your e-commerce application. We’ll help you identify the best ways to build your email list.

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