Virtual marketing manager

A lifeline for entrepreneurs who are too busy to do it all but too small to hire a marketing staff.  We’ll jump in and take care of your marketing projects while you run your operation.

Research and marketing plans

Without a good plan, you are bound to waste your precious marketing dollars on untargeted marketing activities. We’ll help you focus your resources on high-value targets and keep you on track.


Websites, email marketing and social media. We’ll create the content and pull together a great team for graphic design, website hosting, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Print marketing

Whatever you need, we’ll get it done for you: brochures, advertising, posters, fliers, sales letters, direct mail.

Public relations

Done right, PR is a cost-effective way to promote your business. We’ll create and execute a plan to get media attention for your events, products and services.

Financial communications

Shareholder reports and analyst presentations that address the unique needs of the financial audience.

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